Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Wish

Just a month more and we will be teasing the season to be jolly, and I have all the reasons to get all excited for Christmas 2013. Books! Yes, books. They are always on my wishlist and I just can't wait indulging and losing myself again in my make-believe reality. :D

So for this coming Christmas, I really want to get a boxed-set of Cindy Williams Chima's THE SEVEN REALMS and Jackson Pearce's FAIRY-TALE INSPIRED BOOKS. Oh! I really get all giddy with excitement for these babies. :D

Cindy William Chima's THE SEVEN REALMS
Left to Right: The Gray Wolf Throne, The Exiled Queen, The Demon King, The Crimson Crown
(book 5 will be released next year)

Left to Right: Sisters Red (for Red Riding Hood), Sweetly (for Hansel and Gretel), Fathomless (for Little Mermaid), Cold Spell (for The Snow Queen)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thursday Movie: Thor 2

Finally Thor 2 hit the Philippine Theaters last Wednesday, October 30, and I got to watch it after its Premier Night in the country. What can I say? It definitely was way better than the first installment. I like that they put humor in the story and Loki did really great in doing those punchlines. Darcy was quite hilarious and it made her look pretty when she tried to be funny. The movie made me love Loki even if he was the bad guy in the first movie. Thor has the body; he's the good guy; he's the hero. Loki is bad; he's funny; and he's quite attached to his mother even if Frigga isn't his true mother. And can I say, we girls love that bad, funny, and passionate guy. 

I'm not really a fun of comics and I didn't get the chance to read Marvel's Thor, but I'm totally loving how they interpreted the story into moving pictures. As a movie junkie, I'd say Thor 2 is a 9 out of 10. I'm not spilling any spoilers here, so you guys should start making your way to your nearest cinemas now! ;)