Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yaey for today! :)

It has been more than 6 months already since the last time I published an entry for my blog. Boyfriend has been encouraging me twice a week to go back to writing or blogging. So, here I am. :)

Yesterday was our payday, and I guess almost everyone felt like they were millionaires for a day. Lunch outs in expensive restaurants or dinners in fine dining places were agreed on and I bet everyone was enjoying the sumptuous meal they’ve feasted on. Ladies, I bet, were in Shopping Malls (no longer drooling this time) owning their favorite items, which of course they’d be using as their “ootd” to be posted in Instagram *wink*. Isn’t Pay Day a happy day, guys? It is for me, of course.

I got restless yesterday since I was wearing my high heels (I’m only used to wearing wedges), and got frustrated because I wanted to buy my own guilty pleasure, but was not able to. I can’t do long walks on high heels. I know, poor me *sad face*. So I needed to wait a day more for me to roll on the floor with happiness *teehee*.

So, yaey for today! Armed with my favorite slash over-used pair of wedges, I braved the heat and walked the long walk (so much drama, I know.) just to purchase some good reads. Woot! Hello, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess! Clockwork Angel wasn’t available in Fullybooked, so, I guess I just have to check out National Bookstore later. I first heard of Clockwork Angel from a childhood friend of mine, and I didn’t find it interesting then. My mind changed and I got really interested in Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices when an officemate of mine was able to convince me that this series is seriously a great read. Plus, the paperback covers are really tempting me to open these babies already, but I still can’t *sad face again* since I don’t have the book 1 yet. I’m so excited already to get hold of Clockwork Angel. :D

Oh well, Pay Day’s really a time to pamper ourselves, and I love my pampering moments. :D

And oh, I’m actually planning to do some book reviews on the books I’ve read and will be posting them here in my blog. This will help me remove the virtual cobwebs from my blog. Hehe.

Yaey for today! :)