Monday, July 8, 2013

"Why do you love me?"

“Do you love me?” when we, girls, ask this question and get a yes from our other half, most of the time we have our “Why do you love me?” follow up questions. Does it really matter? Of course it does matter, big time. But why do we ask this question from them – what’s really our reason?

 I always ask this question to my boyfriend and he would always answer me with “I love you because you love me” and yes, I never was satisfied with that answer because it’s so plain and dull (hahaha). Then, I start asking myself – what do I want hear for an answer? Do I want “I love you because you are the most understanding person I’ve ever met” or “I love you because you are so charming and pretty” or “I love because you always make me laugh” or “I love you because you know me so well” answers. Well, I really don’t know.

One time, my friend and I had a discussion about this and she said that she asks the same question to her boyfriend, and we came to realize that girls ask this question because, somehow, we are secretly hoping to be appreciated by them – fishing for compliments. Hahaha, funny but it’s actually true. Most of us have this need to be appreciated, to be praised, to be noticed, and to be admired, and we try to get those compliments by asking our other halves over and over again – “Why do you love me?”

It hit me. I don’t really want an “I love you because you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on, because you’re smart and funny, because you understand and know me so well” answer. Because what happens if I’m no longer pretty in his eyes, or I grow dull and slow, or if I fail to understand him and he suddenly becomes a stranger to me? I want my boyfriend’s “I love you because you love me” because I know I’ll love him for the longest time – and with that and with his answer, then I know his love for me will last as long as it takes. J

I love you because I have so much love to give
 and because you love me, too. :)

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